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Welcome to Mend Health of Maine

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Our Mission
Is to Keep You Moving and provide Exceptional Chiropractic Care. Treatments we provide include chiropractic adjustments, pre and post-surgical care, myofascial release, massage, therapeutic ultrasound, game ready cryotherapy, corrective rehab exercises, sports specific training and non-opioid pain management.
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Our Commitment

We help Mainers get out of pain fast and back to doing the activities that they love doing. We use one on one personalized care without painkillers, possible surgery, or the need to book prolonged appointments weeks in advanced.

At Mend Health of Maine, we understand that choosing the right provider to help you can be a difficult decision. That is why we offer a complimentary discovery visit by phone.

The discovery visit phone call gives us the chance to get to know each other. It allows us to learn more about your specific needs before your first visit and ultimately if our Scarborough Maine office is the right place for chiropractic treatment.

Connect with us to learn more!

Our "MENDING" Methods

House Calls
One-on-One Rehab
Radial Pulse Therapy
Chiropractic Care
GameReady Recovery
Air Relax Compression
Second Opinions
Percussion Therapy
Active Release
Soft Tissue Mobilzation

* Please contact us for more info or questions regarding our treatments.

Meet Our Doctors

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Portland Maine Chiropractic

Led by the husband wife team of Dr’s Tracey and Victor St John, Mend Health & Wellness of Maine is dedicated to non-surgical chiropractic soft tissue management of musculoskeletal injuries. We are professional chiropractors who specialize in soft tissue therapy and performance training in Scarborough Maine.

Combined with the latest leading edge therapies, proven skill and experience, we have earned the trust of thousands of patients over ten years in private practice. In addition to treating patients in Scarborough, we are proud to be the team chiropractors for the Maine Mariners Hockey in Portland since 2018.

If you’ve been looking for a chiropractic physician in the Greater Portland Maine area with a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like a part of the family, then let our experienced Chiropractors determine what’s ailing you from an independent, family-run, family-friendly clinic.

Our Affiliations

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Mend of Maine Reviews

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    Tracey St John is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. Her knowledge about the body goes beyond just bones and adjustments.
    Grace W
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    I've had shin splints over the past decade or so and after seeing Dr. Victor just 3 times my legs have never felt better!
    Coach Larry
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    If you are looking for the best all around chiropractic care, I would without a doubt refer you to Dr. Victor and Dr. Tracey they rock!
    Nicole D

What to Know before you go to Mend Health of Maine

  • Where are you located?
    Our office is located in Scarborough Maine. We are located at 560 US Route 1 with convenient access for patients in Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Falmouth, Westbrook, Windham, Saco and Biddeford. Directions head South on Haigis Pkwy toward US Rout 1. Turn Right onto Route 1. Head 1.3 miles south and Mend Health is on your left.
  • What is your approach to care?
    Mend Health & Wellness is dedicated to non-surgical chiropractic management of Sports and Musculoskeletal injuries. Our approach utilizes a combination of joint manipulation and soft tissue treatment. Our treatment encourages the joints and soft tissue structures of the body to reach there complete end-range position. This will assist in eliminating unnecessary stresses on the body and remove restrictions in the soft tissues that can produce pain and limit performance. Our doctors have been trained in a very specialized form of hands-on soft tissue therapy called Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASM) and Myofascial Release Technique protocols (MRT).
  • Do I need a refferal?
    You do not need a referral to see one of our doctors. As primary care chiropractic physicians we are able to render a diagnosis and treat conditions within our scope of practice without the need for a referral.
  • Will I be treated on the same day and do I need X-rays?
    Yes you will receive care on your first visit! We believe in starting the treatment process right away our goal is to get you out of pain quickly and that starts on day one! Following your assessment AND treatment, you should expect to leave your first appointment with a good understanding of your concerns, with tools to aid in your own recovery and confidence you’re receiving the best care possible.

    Also you DO NOT need an X-Ray before treatment. Imaging is only necessary when a diagnoses may need further work up to rule in or out pathology. We also refer out our imaging to a radiologist who has pursed additional training in radiology.
  • Once I'm a patient do I have to come indefinitely?
    Our gaol is to get you on the Mend ASAP, but it also depends on two main factors. The first is the nature of your injury and the second is your personal health goals. Many injuries will begin to feel better in 3 to 4 treatments. If your goal is to fully rehabilitate and prevent future injuries or maintain your body’s mobility and health, then you may consider further treatment after the pain has resolved. It is always the patient’s choice.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    We work with most PPO and HMO insurance plans. Currently we contract with ONLY Aetna, Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. We are also at capacity and not accepting new Medicare patients currently. If you do not see your insurance listed please call us to learn about our affordable out-of-network rates.

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Mend Health & Wellness of Maine

About Us

We are professional chiropractors who specialize in soft tissue and performance training in Scarborough Maine

Schedule an appointment for an injury evaluation, nutrition consultation or fitness assessment with one of our well versed Doctors.


Our Mend chiropractic office is in nearby Portland Maine, but our patients come from Southern Maine communities:
Scarborough |Portland | South Portland | Cape Elizabeth | Scarborough | Falmouth | Westbrook | Windham | Saco | Biddeford | Old Orchard | Freeport | Kennebunk | Sanford | Yarmouth

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