Pro Hockey Society

We are excited to be affiliated with a select few of team chiropractic doctors. The Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society (PHCS) is an organization of highly skilled chiropractors that provide care to the players and staff for the National Hockey League (NHL) teams. The PHCS mission is to provide the highest quality of chiropractic health service to the individual player and staff members of the team in which they serve. The PHCS serves its members by providing continuing education for the professional sports chiropractor, as it relates to the profession, helping his/her understanding and knowledge and application of sports medicine and ancillary services.

It is our goal to enhance the health and performance of each and every individual athlete and staff member so that they may express their optimal health potential. The PHCS also serves as a resource to educate those outside the professional hockey chiropractic community about the profession and the chiropractor’s integral role within the sports medicine team.

For many years professional athletes have utilized Chiropractic care to help them get through the rigors and physical demands of the season in a variety of sports. Just about every team in the NHL, MLB, the NBA and the NFL have chiropractors on staff to provide Chiropractic care to their players each and every game.

Professional hockey clubs have come a long way in providing Chiropractic to their players. Chiropractic care has been a vital component to helping many of the biggest stars in the National Hockey League recover faster from injuries, keep themselves healthy by preventing repetitive movement injuries and also enhance their performance throughout the long and tedious NHL season. Some of the most successful players have been major supporters of chiropractic and have expressed their personal success stories in many media outlets in recent years.

Look for us at the Cross Arena in Portland Maine, as we support the Maine Mariners quest for the playoffs!